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Our Childcare Philosophy

Promote self-confidence; To achieve this, we provide success-oriented activities.

Listen to children and respond to their needs so that they believe their feelings and opinions are important. We give encouragement and positive reinforcement without over praising.

Socially well-adjusted; We give guidance in this area when needed. We act as a role model by talking politely and with interest to children and adults in the room. We joke and laugh with the children.

Make choices of their own; We provide many opportunities for children to do this.

Problem solving skills; We use every opportunity possible to let the child solve a problem. Rather than provide an answer, we ask leading questions so that the child may find the answer for her/himself. We provide activities that allow for problem solving - maybe on the science table, in a game, or working out rules together.

Encourage independence; We let children do as much as they possibly can for themselves. We acknowledge their efforts in a positive way.

Creativity is very important. Each child's creation is unique. We provide guidance if asked but always make it clear that the creation belongs to the child and can be done any way he/she wants.

Parents are the child's most important teachers, and of course, care givers. We communicate daily.

We want the children in the daycare to enjoy being here, to be really happy. We provide activities that are interesting, fun, and developmentally appropriate. We recognize each child's uniqueness and provide for it.

We pay attention to every child, every day. We try to use a kind and gentle approach at all times.

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